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2019 October

Drei Zinnen Dolomites
11 Must-Do Hikes in Europe

Most travelers choose famous cities as fixed points for their travel planning. Why not plan your next trip to Europe based on its top hiking routes? Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy The Italian Cinque Terre trails, a network of paths that connect each of the five beautiful villages with the other, have always been on the […]

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20 Most Affordable Skiing Resorts in Europe
20 Most Affordable Skiing Resorts in Europe

1. Les Houches, France Nestled in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, Les Houches is located at an altitude of 1000 metres and offers an exceptional panorama of the peaks around Chamonix. Les Houches has more than 50 km of slopes and 15 lifts and is a perfect skiing resort for families and beginners. […]

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Calcutta Kolkata
Calcutta – An Extreme Between Noise And Silence

Poorhouse, beggars, dirt, and noise without end? Many people have a clear idea of Calcutta. They associate Kolkata, as the city is officially called, with Mother Teresa (1910 to 1997). While the nun is rightfully admired by many for her charitable work dedicated to helping the poor in Calcutta, her reputation had a lasting effect on […]

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10 Most Underrated Countries in Europe
10 Most Underrated Countries in Europe – And Why You Should Visit Them Now!

1. Slovenia Slovenia is a rather small country just next to Italy and Austria, but it has so many cool things to offer. One of the best things about the country is that its small size makes getting around pretty easy. The whole countryside is beautiful, so taking a train will give you stunning views. […]

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10 Most Popular Nudist Campsites in Europe
Ready to Take Off Your Clothes? 10 Most Popular Nudist Campsites in Europe

Everywhere in Europe, you can find campsites where you can drop your clothes altogether – not only on the beach but on the whole complex. We show ten of the best nudist campsites in Europe, where nudity is a must. Enjoy your free days in nature and wear nothing but your skin – textile-free holidays […]

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