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E-scooter Berlin
How to Explore Berlin with an E-Scooter?

In the USA, e-scooters have long been part of the street scene. In European countries like Austria and Switzerland, they are increasingly buzzing past traffic jams.  In Germany, e-scooters weren’t so popular until recently because they weren’t approved. This has changed with the recent adjustment of the traffic law. Now you can explore Berlin with […]

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White tropical sandy beach on Zanzibar.
Zanzibar: Swaying Palms, Rich Architecture, Abundant Wildlife

The name Zanzibar probably derives from the Arabic “Zayn za `l bar”, meaning “the island is beautiful”. And indeed, Zanzibar is a traveller’s paradise! Zanzibar is officially part of Tanzania, but life here is different in many aspects – culture, food, politics, religion. The Zanzibar archipelago is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania and is located […]

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Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic – An Underrated Nature’s Paradise

You may only know the Dominican Republic as a destination for package tourists. Surprise yourself with the variety of the green island, which offers not only dream beaches, merengue, and rum but also exciting things for adventure tourists, intensive cultural experiences, and impressive natural scenery. The Dominican Republic offers many activities for adventurers Say goodbye […]

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Thomas Cook
Insolvency of the British travel group Thomas Cook – Will Your Money Be Lost?

The travel group Thomas Cook has filed for bankruptcy. What do you have to do if you are affected? How secure is the insurance promise? Here are the most important questions and answers for travelers. Will all Thomas Cook trips be cancelled now? The British parent company Thomas Cook Group plc has filed for insolvency […]

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A Great Place To Visit In Spain

There is so much to in Malaga. With so much historical significance that has occurred in this city there is much to be explored and learned. Many of what has occurred is preserved in the ruins that are located throughout the city, from when it was founded by the Phoenicians to when it was ruled […]

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4 Tips For Finding A Great Cruise At A Good Price

One of the most relaxing vacations you can take right now is an ocean cruise. Many people have the belief that a cruise will cost them more than they can afford, but there are some good tips that can help you get the cruise you want at a price that fits your budget. 1: Cruise […]

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Last Minute Travel Made Easy

The growth of the Internet and budget airlines has turned last-minute flights into a huge industry – you can just be surfing around, and then, right there, there’s a flight cheap enough for you to buy on impulse and go away this weekend. If you’re thinking about booking last minute flights, however, there are a […]

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New York City on a Budget It Can be Done

Despite common misconceptions, it is quite possible to enjoy many of the great things that New York City has to offer even on a rather modest vacation budget. It is important to remember when planning your vacation that your budget is often the most important deciding factor as far as which activities should or should […]

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